The Rules


Rules of Play

Its called beach VOLLEYball, the clue is in the title. In our 4 a side tournament you ARE ALLOWED to volley the ball in the same way as you are indoors.


Apart from the above, beach rules are slightly different from indoor rules, the main points are:

    * A player may not complete an attacking hit by directing the ball with the fingers e.g. open-handed tip but pokeys ARE allowed.

    * The block DOES NOT count as a touch, unless when both teams contact the ball above the net, its call a joust and both teams have three more touches.
    * Any sets over the net must be played perpendicular to the shoulders (including reverse sets).
    * Sets, which accidentally go over the net (due to the wind etc), which had the intention of going to the hitter are allowed.

    * When two team mates touch the ball simultaneously, it is counted as two hits.

    * Teams must stay in the correct rotation. 

    * Screening (even with one player) is not allowed, the opposition can ask you to move before involving the referee.

    * Teams must rotate in the same fashion as in the indoor game.

    * The serving player is considered back court and can not attack (spike) the ball over when jumping, they can stand on the floor and spike it over. Its the same as the libero in the indoor game. Likewise they are not allowed to block.


Tournament Rules

    * Teams will be 4 a side, subs are allowed. Either rolling or normal, this must be established between the teams and ref at the beginning of each GAME. 

    * In the mixed division there must be a minimum of two females on court at any time.

    * Teams will be expected to ref/score games when they aren't playing.
    * In Pools of 4 - Best of three sets, rally point scoring to 25 points in sets 1 & 2, 15 in set 3 (all sets by 2 clear points).

    * In Pools of 5 - Best of 2 sets, rally point scoring to 21 points in both sets 1 & 2 (all sets by 2 clear points).

    * Smaller court, 8m x 16m.
    * Change ends every 7 points, every 5 in set 3.
    * Only one 30 second timeout per set.
    * Maximum of 12 seconds between the end of one rally and the start off the next.
    * The server has 5 seconds to serve the ball after the referee has blown for services.
    * There is no centre or attack line.
    * A player can not use any outside assistance or support to play a shot.
    * Play can continue in the rain.
    * The interval between each set is 1 minute.

    * The organiser can and will update the rules before the start of the tournament 

Team Formation

Men's Division

This division is designed for men's teams and will be played over a men's height net. Women and juniors are allowed to play.

Mixed Division

There must be a minimum of two women or U14 boys on court at any time. The net will be between men's and women's height. 

Women's Division 

This hasn't run for the last few years but if there are enough teams to warrant a division then all players on court must be female, no junior boys or men allowed. The net will be women's height. 


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